Established for the next generation, LaLA _ Lost and Led Astray breaks through the perceptions that separate design-driven fashion and plus-size clothing.

LaLA encompasses fluid well cut shapes, to create timeless looks that focus on silhouette, design and texture. The range is designed to be mixed and layered to allow movement and to introduce an often dramatic feel to the designer’s effortless, layered, aesthetic.

Designer Sarah-Jane Duff has 16 years’ experience in the niche market of plus-size fashion. Her struggle to find garments that fit her aesthetic, as well as her body, led to the creation of the label in 2014.

LaLA is manufactured in Aotearoa. The garments are executed in natural and eco-conscious fibers, with quality finishing. LaLA is committed to working with suppliers and manufacturers in a fair and equal way.

Mela Purdie

Mela calls her design range “a solution to dressing for life on the move”. It all starts with 10 easy essentials for 7 versatile looks. These clothes offer first class solutions for inside, outside and around the world.

The theme of the collection is: depart in comfort, arrive in style, wrap and layer for a fast change. The range is built around a classic selection of matte jersey essentials shapes that provide perfect building blocks for any wardrobe. The magic of Mela’s clothes are they are comfortable in all climates, do not crush, retain their shape and are washable, wearable and durable.

Mela began her career winning five Australian Fashion Industry Awards, for Lifestyle Fashion since 1993. Since then Mela has followed her belief in simple, sophisticated solutions to dressing. Her highly sought after jersey essentials range has grown to offer stretch suiting, textured knits.


Designer: Trelise Cooper
A woman’s first Trelise Cooper experience is the start of a lifetime love affair.

Each season, revealing the latest Trelise Cooper collection is like the unveiling of a romantic and eclectic art exhibition. Every piece in the range has been lovingly crafted using diverse fabrics and finishes to create the final beautiful result, which ultimately delights both the wearer and the observer.

Establishing her business in 1985, Trelise Cooper, the unconventional force behind New Zealand’s most successful fashion empire, has built her brand through trusting her own instincts as well as a natural sense of beauty and design by which the world has become intrigued.

Curate Celebrating a woman’s innate femininity is the thread that runs through every Trelise Cooper collection. Designing with the female form at the forefront of her mind, Trelise has been hailed for her attention to a woman’s needs. “A lot of attention, thought and love goes into each garment. Every detail and every pleat and pintuck is lovingly and carefully thought out. I think about a woman’s body, what she wants to reveal and what she wants to conceal. I think about what she might want to do in these clothes, who she might want to be with.”