Siren’s belief is that style should be effortless & ageless, the range provides the essential seasonal building blocks to enable our creative customers to showcase their individual sense of style. The highlight of the winter range is our luxurious Merino single jersey knit capsule in the seasons rich new shades.

Marco Polo

Established in 1960, Marco Polo creates quality pieces for the modern Australian woman. Taking inspiration from the fashions of the world, Marco Polo embodies quality, contemporary colour palettes and coordinated statement pieces that complement both your figure and your lifestyle.


The Maaike collection is the perfect mix of dark flowing silks mixed with more playful and sporty knits.

Their custom fabrics are quickly becoming the cornerstone of their design seen in fluid digital silks as well as cotton knits with a more bold and graphic edge.


Designer: Jason Lingard | Auckland New Zealand
Lingard’s aesthetic is dark and innovative with strong roots in the gothic aesthetic. He employs a creative, fluid design process combining draping techniques with flat pattern drafting, aiming to create a balance between challenging statement pieces and also garments that are more timeless and wearable.

Central to his ethos is an appreciation for high-end finishings; quality, natural materials such as leather, silk, wool and fine cottons; building a personal relationship with his local makers, suppliers and retailers; having a short supply chain that favours local producers as to understand the source of raw materials and reduce his carbon footprint.

When designing and pattern cutting a central focus is for the garment to fit interchangeable body shapes, sexes and ages; while avoiding trends and fast-fashion.

Harper Xavier

Harper Xavier is a collaboration between designers Harper Martin and Jason Lingard. Harper is based in Byron Bay, Australia and Jason in Auckland, New Zealand. They have come together to produce a small capsule collection inspired by both the coastline of New South Wales and New Zealand’s West Coast. Produced during lockdown and born from endless solo walks on the beach and collaborative Zoom meetings; the two have produced a moody collection of printed basics and casual oversized silhouettes.

Deeanne Hobbs

Designer: Deeanne Hobbs
Jellicoe is the passionate creation of Deeanne Hobbs. In 1991 the artist in her turned her flair for colour and design into a successful pot painting business. Her designs graced platters and vases and were sold throughout NZ. Her love for fashion continued to bubble below the surface however and she began to put her own designs onto fabric.

“I had done design work for other companies”, she says, “but realised it was time to turn my art work into something that could enhance fashion and be produce clothes that were completely different from anything else around. One thing just led to another”, she laughs.

The first Jellicoe collection was produced in 2008. “It was essentially art wear”, NZ women love to wear clothes that are a little different and my wearable style of art ranges really got them excited”.

Jellicoe pieces are not mass produced, “I am driven by the desire to create ready-to-wear clothing that is artistic, comfortable and very easy to wear. It is particularly designed for NZ women – for our climate, our size and our shape”.

Megan Salmon

Designer: Megan Salmon
Megan Salmon started her career with visual arts training and as a painter began to be interested in the idea of beauty and how we perceive it. The label started in 2000 and has from season to season seriously explored and developed ideas of what clothing can do for women. How it can transform one’s confidence and alter perceptions of beauty and identity.

She constantly explores new ideas that give the label its much heralded point of difference and continually creates a vibrant series of hand touched inherently beautiful pieces.Each piece is an exploration in architectural form or a painterly expression of colour and tone. Her work occupies the nexus between fashion and art through the textiles she manipulates and the sculptural forms she creates.

Megan Salmon designs are artistically driven, edgy and directional, it is a label primarily concerned with providing uniquely beautiful textiles, sophisticated cutting and engineering to enhance and celebrate the female form. This is clothing that delivers functionality, individuality and complimentary shapes for all women.


NYDJ designs premium stretch jeans that fit in all the right places and make every woman feel comfortable and confident. All NYDJ jeans are made with Lift Tuck® Technology, our proprietary slimming panel with a patented criss-cross design to flatten in the front and curve-contouring construction to flatter curves in the back, so you look, feel, and wear a size smaller.


Designer: Trelise Cooper
A woman’s first Trelise Cooper experience is the start of a lifetime love affair.

Each season, revealing the latest Trelise Cooper collection is like the unveiling of a romantic and eclectic art exhibition. Every piece in the range has been lovingly crafted using diverse fabrics and finishes to create the final beautiful result, which ultimately delights both the wearer and the observer.

Establishing her business in 1985, Trelise Cooper, the unconventional force behind New Zealand’s most successful fashion empire, has built her brand through trusting her own instincts as well as a natural sense of beauty and design by which the world has become intrigued.

Curate Celebrating a woman’s innate femininity is the thread that runs through every Trelise Cooper collection. Designing with the female form at the forefront of her mind, Trelise has been hailed for her attention to a woman’s needs. “A lot of attention, thought and love goes into each garment. Every detail and every pleat and pintuck is lovingly and carefully thought out. I think about a woman’s body, what she wants to reveal and what she wants to conceal. I think about what she might want to do in these clothes, who she might want to be with.”

Bamboo Body

Lookbook Summer 2021 The Maaike collection is the perfect mix of dark flowing silks mixed with more playful and sporty knits. Their custom fabrics are quickly becoming the cornerstone of their design seen in fluid digital silks as well as cotton knits with a more bold and graphic edge. Bamboo Body Pocket Pants , $113 […]