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Maaike Lookbook

Winter 2020

  • Maaike D205AC Keep Dress in chroma, $547 NZD
  • Maaike D202AM Flounce Dress In Marble, $497 NZD
  • Maaike D200 Overlay Dress, $403 NZD
  • Maaike D202AC Flounce Dress In Chroma, $497 NZD


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The Maaike collection is the perfect mix of dark flowing silks mixed with more playful and sporty knits.

Their custom fabrics are quickly becoming the cornerstone of their design seen in fluid digital silks as well as cotton knits with a more bold and graphic edge.

Maike is available at Zebrano in sizes 14 to 22.

The pictures shown here are a small sample of the range due in store this season. Some items shown may not be available, may be sold out or only available in limited quantities.  Please contact or visit your favourite Zebrano store for availability or to view the styles that we selected as being the best of the range.