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Maude Dainty

Winter 2020

  • Maud Dainty DTY00877 Drive Jersey, $327 NZD
  • Maud Dainty DTY01110AB Playground Dress, $327 NZD
  • Maud Dainty DTY02965 Hybrid Dress, $297 NZD
  • Maud Dainty DTY02965 Hybrid Dress, $297 NZD


How can we help today?

How can we help today?

A woman of the world, M.A.Dainty documented her travels, shopping adventures and photographs in daily journals that now fill The Box, home of the Maude Dainty label.  Aimed at dressing you in something unique and of standout quality.  Maude Dainty’s collections are wearable daywear, to be loved and fit into any wardrobe.

Maude Dainty is available at Zebrano in sizes 14 to 20.

The pictures shown here are a small sample of the range due in store this season. Some items shown may not be available, may be sold out or only available in limited quantities.  Please contact or visit your favourite Zebrano store for availability or to view the styles that we selected as being the best of the range.