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Moyuru Lookbook

Spring 2019

  • Moyuru 191504 Concave Dress, $493 NZD
  • Moyuru 191005 Geometry Dress, $359 NZD
  • Moyuru 191405 Obtuse Jacket, $329 NZD
  • Moyuru 191414 Diametric Dress, $359 NZD


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Moyuru is a Japanese clothing company with a focus on comfort. The team at Moyuru create their clothing line with a design approach of free expression and originality based on a relaxed mind. Key words behind Moyuru’s philosophy are Earth, Wind and Freedom.

Moyuru is available at Zebrano in sizes M (14-18) & L (20-24)

Sizes and range changes between stores

The pictures shown here are a small sample of the Moyuru range due in store this season. Some items shown may not be available, may be sold out or only available in limited quantities. Please contact or visit your favourite Zebrano store for availability or to view the styles that we selected as being the best of the range.