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Stella Royal Lookbook

Winter 2017

  • Stella Royal SR391 Kellee Sparkle Dress -Sht Slv, $177 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR387 Willow Ombre Bomber, $197 NZD
    Stella Royal SR371b Olivia Velvet Pants , $163 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR385 Kellee Cardi, $187 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR384B Moonstone Kimono, $197 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR362 Cosmic Sand Cape Gold, $187 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR357 Rebecca Dress, $163 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR344 Florence French Top, $157 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR343 Florence Dress, $187 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR332b Jazz Split Dress, $163 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR328a Luna Dress, $197 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR328 Luna Top, $177 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR324 Ritchie Stripe Dress, $163 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR319 Lily Floral Bomber, $187 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR318 Lily Floral Dress, $177 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR313 Moonstone Tie Tunic, $177 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR310a Vinnie Hi-Lo Tunic, $177 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR310 Moonstone Hi-Lo Tunic, $177 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR302 Daisy Splice Top, $157 NZD
  • Stella Royal SR300 Daisy Stripe Tunic, $177 NZD
Designer: Kelly Coe

Kelly wanted to design a label that filled the void for special occasion and luxe daywear in the NZ market. From the outset, her designs have always been about colour and Kelly’s wish to see more of it on kiwi ladies.

Stella Royal has arrived as the Curvaceous Label of Augustine by Kelly Coe. The Collection is filled with splashes of colour, gold sparkles and beautiful florals.  A sister label to Augustine, Stella Royal is designed in New Zealand and made in China.

Stella Royal is available at Zebrano in sizes 14 to 20

Sizes and range changes between stores

The pictures shown here are a small sample of the Stella Royal range due in store this season. Some items shown may not be available, may be sold out or only available in limited quantities. Please contact or visit your favourite Zebrano store for availability or to view the styles that we selected as being the best of the range.