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Travellers Lookbook

Spring 2020

  • Travellers HSL466N Sunday Tee, $243 NZD
  • Travellers HSL466N Sunday Tee, $243 NZD
  • Travellers HSL467S Orbit V Neck Tee, $247 NZD
  • Travellers HSL467S Orbit V Neck Tee, $247 NZD


How can we help today?

Travellers offers the ultimate travel capsule wardrobe.

Each piece of the Travellers Collection is light, portable and perfect to pop into the suitcase or carry on.
Each piece works with all of the other pieces to mix, match and layer into many different outfits whether you are packing for an island escape or a business event.  A great capsule wardrobe of just ten pieces can give you over 40 outfits!

The fabrics have been carefully selected.
Lightweight viscose spandex offers a breathable natural fibre and is offered in a wide variety of mix and matchable pieces.  All top styles offer swing from the bust, and all pant styles features elasticised waists offering comfort and ease of fit for long haul travel.  The Jess and Hannah viscose knit prints have been exclusively sourced direct from Italy, and were selected for their durable and versatile style. The Chiffon pieces will add a pop of colour to any travel wardrobe, and are incredibly easy care – with no ironing required.

The Travellers Collection ensures your sense of style isn’t left at home.  It showcases the latest design trends, including Sports Luxe and Monochromatic, ensuring you will look up-to-the-minute wherever in the world you may be.


Travellers is available at Zebrano in sizes 14 to 24.

The pictures shown here are a small sample of the range due in store this season. Some items shown may not be available, may be sold out or only available in limited quantities. Please contact or visit your favourite Zebrano store for availability or to view the styles that we selected as being the best of the range.