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I can't log in because I don't have a password?

You can create a New Password or Reset an existing by clicking Forgot your Password?  You will be askedto enter you email address and we will send a link for you to set a password. 

I tried to reset my password but get message "There is no such user in our system".

It looks like we don’t have an online account linked to your email.  You can “Create an Account” or if you’re sure you already have one and  don’t want to create a new, please our web admin here and they can work their magic to see why its not showing.

I tried to Create a new Account, but I get the message "Email is taken. Is that you? "

I appears we already have your email on the database.  It probably means we have transfered it from our in-store system or previous website.  To get a password to login, please use the password Reset.

To do that simply refresh your page and click the “Forgot your Password?” link on the Login form.  You can click here to refresh now. 

I have completed a Reset Password but I haven't received and email with the reset link.

Check your email spam folders or search your emails using “Zebrano Reset” to see if it in an unusual place.   You could try Resetting again  just in case the email spelling asn’t quite right.

If that doesn’t work you can contact our web admin team to reset your password.

I receive your marketing emails but I can't login with that email address.

Our Email Marketing list is different from our Online Accounts.  An online account lets you save your wishlists, create a myFIT profile and view your purchase history.

If you have tried logging in but you receive the message “Invalid email or username”, please click the “Create an Account” button to create your online account.

How do I unsubscribe from newsletters?

Our Email Marketing list is different from our Online Accounts.

If you would like to unsubscribe from newsletters, alter your email frequency or turn off emails temporarily, please click the link at the bottom of one of our email newsletters.