Pay As You Wear

PAY AS YOU WEAR is a payment plan that lets you wear your choice of fashion now – and pay it off in installments.

Use PAYW to get the most from your seasons fashion purchases ….. get all your seasons fashion needs sorted at the start of the season, you can wear them all season while spreading your payments.

How it works
Make any purchase in-store over $300, pay a 50% deposit, and you can take the clothes away and start wearing them.

You pay the remaining 50% over the following two months. We simply charge your credit card.

PAYW is available for in-store purchases only.

Things You should Know

Upon starting a Pay As You Wear and paying the deposit, you become the owner of the garments.

The outstanding amount becomes a debt to Zebrano which you agree to repay in installments over the following two months.

You provide us with your credit card details and authorise us to charge the outstanding amounts to that card.

PAYW is free – we do not charge a set up fee or interest on PAYW balances.

Pay As You Wear is offered at our discretion and we may decline the service to any person for any reason.

PAYW installments

We keep a record of your authorised credit card number and debit the installments on or around the due date.

The due date is normally one month and two months from the purchase date, i.e if your purchase was 14 February, your first installment would be 14 March and the second installment would be 14 April.

What happens if my payment is declined

If for any reason the amount charged to your credit card is declined we will contact you for an alternative means of payment.

If an amount remains outstanding for more than 14 days, then the debt will be referred to a debt collection agency and all costs incurred by Zebrano in the recovery of the debt are payable by you.

Can I return or cancel a PAYW

Items purchased on PAYW are owned by you but they can be returned as part of our normal returns policy that applies to all completed sales.

Upon returning a garment or garments, we will apply the refund first to any outstanding PAYW balance and then refund any remaining amount to your credit card.

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