Choosing the Perfect Raincoat

Rainy days need not dampen your style. A good raincoat or jacket not only keeps you dry but also complements your look. With a plethora of options available, from sleek minimalist designs to bold statement pieces, finding the right raincoat can elevate your rainy-day ensemble. In this blog, we'll delve into key considerations when choosing a raincoat, focusing on weatherproofing attributes and stylish elements that make these outerwear pieces both functional and fashionable.

Keeping the Rain Out

How waterproof a jacket is will depend on its waterproof rating. The higher a jacket’s waterproof rating, which can vary from 1,500mm to 20,000mm, the more protection you will have from the elements. Waterproof jackets under 5,000mm are best for light rain, jackets over 5,000mm are good for moderate rain, jackets over 10,000mm are made for heavy rain, and anything over 15,000mm is perfect for long heavy downpours and snow.

Other things to consider when looking for a raincoat are the length, if they have a hood, are they seam-sealed, and the materials. If you are looking for a raincoat that will keep you dry in heavy rain, then opt for a seam-sealed one. This means the tiny holes made by the needle in the sewing process are covered so they don’t leak. Additionally, pay attention to the material composition. A roomy hood that reaches over your face and has drawstrings, as well as a longer length, will also help in keeping you dry, especially in windy weather. A good choice of material for rainwear is polyester with polyurethane (PU) or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) coating. This combination makes for a durable and effective waterproof and windproof jacket. For extra breathability and warmth, choose a raincoat with lining.

Styling Rainwear

Let's look at styling your raincoat for an office look, casual day, and travel. Rain jackets come in various cuts and styles, ranging from classic long-length trench coats to durable mid-weight coats and sporty lightweight jackets. For a perfect rainy day office-to-evening look, choose a classic long trench coat. Pair it with a sleek black umbrella, boots, tailored pants, and a classy blouse or shirt. For a casual day ensemble, embrace bold hues or playful patterns to inject personality into rainy days. Choose a coat with slightly longer hems and a hood so you stay dry while running errands and pair it with your favourite jeans, a tee, and sneakers. Packing a rain jacket when you travel is essential. Be prepared for anything with a lightweight roomy shell that's easy to pack and easy to layer with t-shirts and jumpers depending on the weather in your destination. Whatever the occasion, make a splash with your rainwear by incorporating it as part of the look.

Zebrano's Rainwear Selection

Our two main rainwear labels are the Danish label Ilse Jacobsen and the New Zealand designed Moke. We love Ilse Jacobsen's Detachable Hooded Coats that come in many colours each season. This modern interpretation of the classic raincoat is made in a light and subtle 5,000mm waterproof rubberized PU material that's perfect for rainy day walks. This raincoat comes in two different lengths. It's suitable all year round; just add a sweater or the Ilse Jacobsen Padded Quilt Coat underneath when the temperature drops!

Moke offers rainwear for any occasion. The up to 5,000mm waterproof Kim Trench and water-repellent Rach Coat offer stylish options that are perfect for chic office and evening ensembles. The fully waterproof, seam-sealed ¾ length Georgie Coat is the perfect lightweight shell for travel. It packs into its own bag and is waterproof up to 10,000mm. For heavier rain, the Billie, Sadie, and Queens Coats are your friends with up to 15,000mm waterproof ratings. The Sadie is perfect for layering with its relaxed swing-style, the Billie is Moke's long-length TPU raincoat, great for outdoor adventures, and the Queens Coat will keep you toasty warm during a cold, wet winter with faux down insulation. Check out the fun colours and patterns available in our Moke jackets and coats.

Embrace rainy days with confidence and flair by investing in a raincoat that not only keeps you dry but also complements your individual taste. With the right raincoat, you can turn any downpour into a runway-worthy moment. Choose wisely and let your outerwear be a reflection of your unique style, rain or shine.

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