How to style: Mesh

Layering mesh has become a prevailing trend in the world of fashion, offering a unique blend of style and functionality. Mesh fabrics, with their lightweight and breathable nature, provide an ideal canvas for creating versatile and visually appealing layered looks.

The key to successful mesh layering lies in the artful combination of textures, colours, and patterns. Whether you're aiming for a sporty, athleisure-inspired ensemble, a more sophisticated look, or an edgy night out, mesh layering opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Casual Sporty

Embrace a laid-back, athleisure-inspired look with mesh detail. Choose your favourite long-sleeved plain-coloured mesh shirt. Now either layer under a boxy, oversized tee, or if you want to show more skin, layer over a sports bra or singlet. For bottoms, choose elevated joggers, sports tights, or relaxed jeans. Complete the outfit with chunky sneakers and a tote or crossbody bum bag.

Our tip for standing out from the crowd is to play around with colour—try a bright green mesh with a white tee or a bright pink sports bra over black mesh. Now you're ready for a relaxed day of errands, coffee dates, or casual outings with friends.

Office with Extra

Transition your mesh garments seamlessly into the office environment with a sophisticated yet edgy touch. The trick for styling mesh for the office is pairing it cleverly and subtly with your already existing work attire. For example, choose a long-sleeved mesh, wear a camisole or a tailored shell beneath the mesh to provide coverage, and pair with tailored trousers, loafers, and add a blazer. Or try pairing mesh tights with a tailored over-the-knee dress, cropped blazer jacket, and pumps. Complete your office-ready ensemble with classic and minimal jewellery. The result is a modern and stylish office outfit that strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and contemporary flair.

Edgy Night Extravaganza

Make a bold statement on a night out by styling your mesh top for maximum allure and expression. We love mesh with fun prints! Choose your favourite long-sleeved printed or colourful mesh top, layer underneath a sleeveless dress, and pair with chunky sandals. Alternatively, try some fun mesh leggings, worn under a shorter dress and paired with a biker jacket and combat boots. Play around with the colours and patterns of the mesh and try pairing it with sequins, lace, or bold patterns. Accessorize with bold jewellery and a funky clutch or shoulder bag. With this fun look, you're sure to turn heads and exude confidence as you go out for cocktails or listen to your favourite band.

One of the primary advantages of layering mesh is its ability to add depth and dimension to an outfit without sacrificing comfort. Mesh layers effortlessly transition from season to season, allowing for year-round experimentation with different styles. So, whether you're a trendsetter looking to make a bold statement or someone seeking a subtle and chic approach, mastering the art of layering mesh is a surefire way to infuse your wardrobe with a dose of contemporary flair.

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