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Studio Rundholz, led by the German duo Carsten and Lenka Rundholz, has boldly established radical modern shapes and demonstrated the courage to lead and differentiate while embracing individuality. The duo consistently innovates exciting and sculptural garments that exude inherent style. The brand's signature greyscale palettes, asymmetric shapes, and raw textures remain synonymous with their aesthetic, becoming key features in their designs season after season.

Carsten and Lenka Rundholz are calm but thoughtful designers. While other couples were chatting in cafes, they were planning their first collection. They didn't just want to wear distinctive clothes; they also wanted to share their creative ideas and make a lifestyle brand. Lenka Rundholz started as a display artist and always had an eye for fashion. It was a challenge for Carsten, as a former graphic designer, he was trained in the art of fashion through its design and wanted to create a look his wife would love to wear.

They presented their first collection in 1993. It had a natural look, fitting in with everyday life and business. It became popular with creative people who didn't follow typical fashion trends. The designs were influenced by art, travel, and architecture. Carsten Rundholz said, "I sometimes think that we're not creating fashion but simply garments."

Every single design is developed in the Lower Rhine area. Only an hour away from major cities like Duesseldorf or Cologne, this area is characterized by small rivers and old trees, tiny fortresses, and huge old farm buildings. Lenka and Carsten Rundholz carefully rebuilt an ancient regional farm, originally rebuilt in 1811, into a modern headquarters - their creative island hidden behind high hedges and old willows. They make around 600 pieces a year, including coats, blouses, dresses, shoes, bags, and belts. Lenka Rundholz explains, "Our pattern makers are often astonished by the result of Carsten's sewing experiments. They need to rip the seams on everything to understand his patterns. But before conquering the runway, all outfits have to pass the most crucial test. 'Nothing will be put into the collection before Lenka gives her approval,' " Carsten Rundholz says.

With their sense and knowledge of materials and patterns, constantly presenting something new and unexpected, the couple is not only designing their collections but also continually choosing different scenes for its presentation. Whether it's at their store in Dusseldorf, their shops in Antwerp and Munich, or their special store in Berlin, each place is designed to match their fashion. Always truly adhering to their philosophy: "We'll only be successful by remaining incomparable." In this way, the Rundholz universe is growing: creative and successful - without being noisy.


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