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Mela Purdie, a designer driven by craftsmanship and a vision for adaptable fashion, founded her eponymous label in 2001. Her brand embodies simplicity and versatility, crafting clothes that seamlessly fit the dynamic lifestyles of wearers, transcending seasons and occasions.

The Designer 

Mela Purdie's fashion odyssey traces back to her upbringing in Perth and her design studies, culminating in an honours degree from Sydney University and further education at Sydney College of the Arts, where she graduated at the top of her class in '84. A year after graduating, she assumed the role of head designer at Carla Zampatti, a milestone that marked the beginning of her remarkable journey. In 2001, armed with a mere $1500 roll of stretch jersey fabric and a single stockist at Sydney Airport, Mela launched her eponymous label, starting with her iconic Boat Neck Top. Her mastery of tailoring, embroidery, and knitting, passed down through generations, merged seamlessly with her innate design prowess, setting her on a path to fashion success.

Mela is more that a fashion designer. With a deep-rooted appreciation for her Italian heritage and a passion for entertaining, Mela's Sydney home, celebrated for its exquisite design, has been featured in numerous interior design editorials, showcasing her flair beyond the realm of fashion.


Established in 2001, Mela Purdie's eponymous label was born from a visionary concept: to craft 'clothes that travel with you'. This ethos continues to define the brand's philosophy, epitomising luxurious simplicity that simplifies dressing. Embracing individuality, Mela envisions her designs as an extension of the wearer, emphasising clothes that gracefully skim the body, offering freedom of movement and adaptability. Her creations evolve with the seasons and seamlessly transition between occasions, fostering a wardrobe that's both versatile and enduring.

The brand's mission goes beyond fashion; it aims to challenge the conventional cycle of consumption and production by prioritising high-quality, innovative materials unique to each collection. Mela Purdie's success is grounded in a commitment to redefine contemporary wardrobes for women, providing confidence in comfort through meticulously designed, travel-friendly essentials that exude both luxury and ease, regardless of location or lifestyle.

How it's made

Mela Purdie's commitment to manufacturing 90-95% of its collections in Australia stands as a testament to ethical production and quality control. This dedication ensures fair wages, adequate worker benefits, and strict adherence to occupational health and safety standards. Beyond ethical considerations, local production enables retailers like us to swiftly reorder styles, accommodating customer demands. The brand's use of specially woven, finished, and dyed fabrics, often exclusive to Mela, contributes to the durability, fit, and ease of maintenance of their garments. Purchasing a Mela Purdie piece becomes an investment in wardrobe longevity, characterised by timeless designs and unparalleled comfort, allowing for years of wear without compromising style or quality. Ultimately, it aligns with the ethos of consuming fashion consciously by advocating for buying fewer, higher-quality pieces that stand the test of time.

Mela Purdie remains a cherished label for us, embodying a steadfast commitment to local manufacturing that speaks volumes about its dedication to ethical standards and exceptional quality. Her brand's focus on fair wages, pioneering materials, and meticulous design champions lasting and eco-conscious fashion. Through a fusion of craftsmanship and forward-looking strategies, Mela Purdie consistently reshapes modern wardrobes, delivering a unique blend of comfort, style, and sustainability tailored for today's woman.


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