Our Labels: Moyuru

Founded in 2007 by a Japanese designer, Moyuru stands out as one of our top labels. The ethos of Moyuru is rooted in comfort, producing a line of clothing that is not only comfortable to wear but also reflects a commitment to free expression and unrivaled originality, all centered around the concept of a relaxed mind. Influenced by Japanese beauty, Moyuru's designs consistently embody contemporary sophistication and stylishness, imparting an effortlessly cool look and feel.

Earth, wind, and freedom serve as the driving inspirations for Moyuru's designs. Drawing from "the earth," "the wind," and the concept of "freedom," the garments showcase a perfect balance of simplicity and dynamism, featuring unique and surprising cuts. The pieces, characterized by straight lines and almost architectural precision, exude a dynamic and avant-garde vibe without compromising on casualness and relaxed comfort.

At the core of Moyuru's product lineup is the fusion of art with design. Carefully selected textiles, colors, and prints are subjected to experimentation, resulting in truly unique pieces. Predominantly monochrome designs transform ordinary fabric into something magical. Moyuru's creations flow seamlessly and radiate elegance. Each piece is not just visually appealing but also embodies a profound level of sophistication, detail, and quality care. The designs are puristic, unique, and artistic, making Moyuru a distinct and captivating choice for those who appreciate wearable art.


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