Swimwear Shape Guide

Our swimsuits are designed for all different body shapes because we know as women that we are not all the same shape. Everybody’s proportions are as uniquely different as our personalities. We want everyone to feel confident expressing and flaunting who they are and what they have!

Knowing your body shape will help ensure you make the best purchasing decision for your unique self.  

The secret is choosing styles that create a well-balanced silhouette, offering enhancement, concealment and support where required.  For example,  if one part of your body is narrower and another wider visually widening the narrowest area can provide balance and encourage visual proportion. 

Our style gurus have put together a swimsuit fit guide to help you get started!



If you are a bottom-heavy beauty – meaning you’re bigger around the hips, bottom, or thighs than you are up top – you’re a Pear! Work that womanly figure by adding more shape and structure above the waist.

Bring out your best:
Choose a style with twist or flounce bust detailing like the Botticelli, Vermeer or Chagall Styles by Artesands. A style with a wider set strap can also add balance and even-out proportions. Try a bright colour or pattern on your top half mixed with a plain-coloured bottom.


The Apple of our eye! You’re likely evenly-proportioned and may carry your weight around your midsection. Dressing the Apple shape is all about showing off those best bits and avoiding added volume round your middle.

Bring out your best:
Try out the classic Delacroix Shape by Artesands in a One Piece, Tankini or Swimdress. The crossover V-neck design will bring focus to your face.


Curvy Hourglass girls go in at the middle and often have a fuller bust/bottom in contrast to their smaller waists. If you’re an Hourglass, you’ve got a very classic shape – don’t drown it in baggy clothes!

Bring out your best:
Check out the Cezanne or Fuseli Bikini Tops by Artesands or a waist defining One Piece like the Cezanne style!


Sassy Heart-shaped ladies have a figure that’s bigger up top than on their bottom half – think broad shoulders and/or bigger breasts in relation to their waist and hips. 

Bring out your best:
If you need extra support up the top check out the Goya, Delacroix and Raphael styles by Artesands. Try a bright colour or pattern on your bottom half mixed with a plain coloured top.


Rectangle girls have a straight up-and-down body with little to no definition. The main aim for Rectangles is to create some feminine shapeliness around your thigh and bust areas while cinching in your waistline.

Bring out your best:
Create curves with wrap style or crossover designs like the Hayes or Rembrandt by Artesands. Or try styles that add curves through a high-leg cut or ruffles around the bust.


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