Washing Tips

Keep your garments looking their best by following the correct washing and care instructions tat can be found on the care label. Here are some extra tips and useful hints to preserve your garments:



  • Empty Pockets, unfasten buttons, and lift collars before washing.

  • Use Mesh Laundry Bags for any items that are more delicate or have small straps or strings that can get tangled around other items.

  • Do not overload the machine. Do not wash at a very high temperature.

  • Always wash clothes with similar colors and turn them inside out before washing.

  • Check the instructions for the detergent you use – most washing powders need to be pre-dissolved before being added to the machine. 

  • Do not use any machine cycle for garments with hand wash labels, even if the machine cycles are referred to as “gentle,” “hand wash,” or “as gentle as hand washing.”


  • Check the label to see if the garment can be tumble dried and on which heat setting.

  • If a garment has a deep or intense colour, do not hang it in direct sunlight or heavy winds.

  • If drying indoors, make sure the area is well ventilated.

  • Knitted, heavy, or garments made of specialty fabrics should be laid flat to dry on a towel out of direct sunlight to retain their shape.

  • To avoid wrinkles, immediately remove clothing from the dryer when the cycle is finished.

Hand wash

  • Follow the care label to select the correct temperature and detergent.

  • Protect your skin with gloves.

  • In the first few washes, the colour may bleed, therefore the garment should be washed alone.

  • Ensure there is no residue in the tub from cleaning products and allow soap or detergent to completely dissolve before adding the garment.

  • Do not leave garments soaking for a long time.

  • Ensure there is no residue in the tub from cleaning products and allow soap or detergent to completely dissolve before adding the garment.

  • Do not rub the garment, gently squeeze it. Rinse thoroughly and remove excess water by gently squeezing and rolling in an absorbent towel.


  • Use the correct temperature for every garment by following the instructions on the care label.

  • For delicate fabrics and synthetics (lace, silk, nylon, and polyester) use a very low temperature and/or a pressing cloth to protect the clothes. 

  • For heavy cottons and linens, iron either while still damp or when dry with lots of steam.

  • Turn your pockets inside out to prevent getting a pocket outline.

  • Want that crisp middle crease on your pants? Fold the pant leg sideways and place both seams on top of each other. Now iron each leg separately.

Dry clean

  • The dry cleaning process cleans clothes with chemical solvents instead of water and detergent.

  • As a general rule, always dry clean a garment that’s lined and use natural detergents for delicate fabrics.

  • Never rub stains, blot them! Scrubbing can work the stain further into the fabric.

  • Remove the plastic bag when you pick up garments from the dry cleaner. Either hang your items in a fabric garment or straight in the closet so they can breath.


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